solo @ MICS continued / Klangzeitfestival, Klanghaus Untergreith / Schloss Gleinstätten, AT, 29.7.2023

Proud to be a part of MICS continued, Klangzeit 2023 – Summer edition with a new solo-performance: „sonic exhale, peripheral shifting“ I work with an acoustic place-translocation – a manipulated field recording from my place in the Westfalian countryside, in transition to a more suburban space, enriched with sounds of the styrian countryside. I composed a condensed summer day, starting accompanied by accordion and electronics. Sheep, crickets, birds, breathing / raining / thunder / breathing / crickets / sheep…

„This year’s summer edition of the Klangzeit Festival has the motto “MICS – Music in the Countryside continued” and will take place at Klanghaus Untergreith in South Styria.

MICS – Music in the Countryside continued – is an ongoing project in the Alps-Adriatic region to strengthen the “music ecosystem” in rural peripheries by Klanghaus Untergreith (AT) in collaboration with Zveza Mink Tolmin (SI) and Mani d.o.o (HR).

The term “music ecosystem” is a concept that describes every aspect of music in society – composers and musicians, pop and art music and everything in between and, significantly, it also refers to music listeners and the role that music plays in people’s lives and the way it can enhance and strengthen the socio-cultural landscape.

Our work in the cultural sphere naturally addresses the needs of artists and creators, but we are also convinced that art and culture reflect the broader needs of society.

MICS continued communicates the benefit and joy of music to new and existing audiences, reaching out to minorities and rural inhabitants to bring them into the world of contemporary music. Through contact between artists and audiences, MICS continued raises awareness for the significance of music. Through music, MICS continued communicates socio-cultural togetherness across boundaries.

Upholding the cohesive value of music in society through an Alps-Adriatic collaboration, MICS continued communicates the value of European cultural diversity and the common ground that we share in creative exchange, drawing audiences into an organic, dynamic process.

With MICS continued we want to support and communicate justice and resilience in music and culture across borders.

July 28, 5pm
Coming together, Workshop

July 29, 5pm

Line up:

Anja Kreysing (DE)

Wolfgang Temmel (AT)

Jeff Surak (US)

Kris Kuldkepp (EE)

Matika Duet (IT)

Zahra Mani (AT/ UK)

Mia Zabelka (AT)

Steve Putnik DJ (AT)

MICS was co-funded by MusicAIRE – an innovative recovery for Europe, a cultural project within the Creative Europe Music Moves Europe initiative. MusicAIRE is run by the European Music Council and the Portuguese organization INOVA+, dedicated to culture, innovation, education and communication strategies. MICS is completed as part of MusicAIRE. MICS continued is now the continuation/extension of the project.

We would like to thank Department 9 Culture, Europe, Sport – State of Styria, the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport – Art and Culture Section and the Alps-Adriatic Alliance for their support.“

Sankt Johann Im Saggautal, Steiermark, Austria