Tape-release: Stadlmeier​​/​​Kreysing​​/​​EMERGE

silver-gray home dubbed tape with riso printed cover, Label: grisaille

1.Stadlmeier/Kreysing – Live – Dirty Side / Münster 21.08.2018 32:18
2.Kreysing​/​EMERGE – Live – BendMakeChange / Waggon Offenbach 06.10.2018 31:40

Music – Anja Kreysing + Sascha Stadlmeier 
Recording – Anja Kreysing 
Master – EMERGE 
Foto – Tim Greifelt 
Artwork + Print –  superkolor.de

Thanks to Tim, Guiguisuisui, Georg, Trstn, Tim + Julius. 

released by Grisaille 


more music by Kreysing/Stadlmeier: 

released January 18, 2020 



two live recordings (Münster + Offenbach, 2018) of SASCHA STADLMEIER aka EMERGE with accordeonist ANJA KREYSING, a kind of sister-release to the recommended „Re-Encypher“ CD (Attenuation Circuit) => subtle accordeon harmonics and micro-sounds from it, dark mysterious loops, noises and drones.. a very nice tape!  



Typically, when you have a collaborative piece of music the players/participants enforce their stamp on it. This sometimes gives a lopsided experience as you can spot who supplied what. On the self-titled Stadlmeier/Kreysing/EMERGE release it’s hard to gauge who did what and when. The album is two long-form live performances that have a lurid quality them. It’s the soundtrack of dreams, but dreams that exist on the cusp of delight and nightmare. And at times they are both. For wont of a better phrase, ‘Stadlmeier/Kreysing/EMERGE’ is the most ‘musical’ release Grisaille has put out so far. There are definite melodies hidden under the layers of melancholic synths and manipulated field recordings. Snippets of accordions drift around like fog on a moor. It’s also one of the most mesmerising releases in the series. There are elements from real-world sounds buried deep down in the mix, a light breeze, knives being sharpened, footsteps, When you hear them, it grounds the music in our reality, rather than the reality that Stadlmeier/Kreysing/EMERGE have created.