Laboratoire-Remix für les horribles travailleurs

‚Jekyll Labs‘ is a remix by Anja Kreysing of ‚Laboratoire‘ by Les Horribles Travailleurs

‚Laboratoire‘ is part of the compilation ‚Music For The End‘ by Nahàsh Atrym Productions, uploaded here:

Most of the sounds of ‚Laboratoire‘ are from the first cassettetape (1982) by Les Horribles Travailleurs \ and from z\w\a\r\t magazine nr. 12 \13, which is based on sounds ans ideas of the fist tape.

All images are from the original 6 issues of ‚ZWART‘ – 1981.

This album is in progress –
If you want to make a remix, just ask for the stems.


from Laboratoire Remixes, released December 12, 2016