Review von „Lait Noir Du Matin“ u.A. tracks von „Nuits et Noirs 3“:

continuo-docs: „The opening track of Nuits et Noirs 3 is worth the entry ticket alone. Titled Lait Noir Du Matin – after the French translation of Paul Celan’s Todesfuge poemBlack milk of daybreak we drink it at evening…–, this 20-mn epic is a collaboration between German accordionist Anja Kreysing (born 1967) and trombonist Helmut Buntjer, with Max Kuiper contributing ambient sounds.  From desolate soundscapes with repeated, lugubrious long-held notes on trombone to strange accordion transmorgrifications, the track consists mostly of atmospheres, textures and various, hard to identify extraneous noises and found sounds – like assorted percussion, static or sonic detritus–, plus occasional reading of Celan in German. The minimalist accordion at times sounds like the sho in a John Cage composition like Two4 (1991). Lait Noir Du Matin is a beautiful piece of music I will return to often as well as investigating the varied output of Anja Kreysing – that’s what compilations are made for, right?“

Treffende und schöne Worte von continuo-docs über meinen Track Lait Noir Du Matin, den ich gemeinsam mit Helmut Buntjer für „Nuits et Noirs 3“ eingespielt und dann überarbeitet habe. Sozusagen die Keimzelle von unserem neuen Projekt „this honourable fish„!