noDarp, Track for „r I ɘ (2024)“, collabo Anja Kreysing I Philippe Neau I Hans Castrup (attenuation circuit)

Anja Kreysing: accordion, electronics
Philippe Neau: fieldrecordings, electronics
Hans Castrup: electronics, piano
Mixed by Philippe Neau

noDarp is an acoustic journey through a shimmering city of sound. From street to street our ears get an insight in differing backyards –
cordial invitation come around and listen!

released June 23, 2024 

„“r | e” used to be the logo of the re:flexions sound-art festival, organised anually by attenuation circuit at their Augsburg homebase from 2016 to 2021. Every edition of the festival was accompanied by a CD compilation. The idea behind the festival was to bring together experimental musicians from all sorts of genres who had never collaborated before to create new material for the CD – and to play a live set at the festival. The festival no longer exists, but “r | e” continues as a compilation series that features exclusive new compositions. 

This new edition of “r | e” is yet another powerful expression of the collaborative spirit of the international experimental underground network. With more trio than duo collaborations, the album also features what is probably the widest range of acoustic instruments – including trombone and other brass, accordion, mbira, assorted percussion, a bicycle bell, and whispering, groaning voices – on any “r | e” CD so far (or at any edition of the re:flexions sound-art festival, for that matter). Throughout the first half of the album, ritualistic, quasi-”tribal” rhythms make themselves heard, which underscore the feel that we are listening to a complex ecosystem of sounds akin to a musical rainforest, only to end in a massive distorted “throw-back” (or “throw-up”, as the title of the last track has it) into post-industrial urban desolation. „


from r I ɘ (2024), released June 23, 2024