Thuja Video "homerecording4: mayenvironment"

Thuja Video „homerecording4: mayenvironment“

thuja: „homerecording4: mayenvironment“

„homerecordings“ are fieldrecordings in the domestic environment. they are more or less processed and manipulated.

mayenvironment works with the acustic footprints of tenants and/or neighbours. the weather decides, who will be the in the center of attention: If the scheduled recordingperiod in may is too rainy, the tenants will be catched, if it is sunny, the neighbours are the target. the acustic events will be accomplished by corresponding videoimages.

live show was on 25. of may in 2002:
thuja @ „mex.intim 0014“- festival by mex with * 2nd outlet * Joker Nies (Cologne) * Gert-Jan prins (NL) * canine as special guest of thuja

mex@Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Sunderweg 1, Dortmund, Germany

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