misc. audio

TiToRMX23, remix for Trance*Industrial*Toy Orchestra, happy new esra 2023, (attenuation circuit)

nascent fields, rework for „20“ by Emerge, (attenuation circuit)

Klangtherapie (Anja Kreysing Remix)
from Klangtherapie Remix EP Vol​.​2 by Sven Phalanx (Mahorka)

creature club RMX„, für „der gaijin bl​ä​st wo sie will – happy new esra 2022“ by Trance*Industrial*Toy Orchestra (attenuation circuit)

For Peace. Against War. Who is Not?„, Ukraine Charity Compilation, component recordings, track „landslide

track „deafnoise“ on Anniversary-compilationbromtol-largesse

Like No Other, Samplerbeitrag, Farewell Laetitia [treetrunk 694], a tribute to Ars Sonor / Laetitia Schteinberg

All My Breathings, Samplerbeitrag re:flexions / sound-art festival 20 07 18 (attenuation circuit)

„Jekyll Labs“ for Laboratoire Remixes ((Samplerbeitrag, R\a\w F\o\r\m\s, Arnhem)

Absence – Nuits et Noirs 4(Samplerbeitrag, R\a\w F\o\r\m\s, Arnhem)

Lait Noir Du Matin „from Sacred Language – Nuits et Noirs 3„, (Samplerbeitrag, R\a\w F\o\r\m\s, Arnhem)

Samplerbeitrag UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test (Italien)